The REST API is accompanied by a Swagger UI served up at /docs that lists out all of the endpoints, how to call them, and some inline descriptions of what they do. The UI even makes it possible to interactively try out endpoints by filling in text fields and clicking buttons.

For instance, on that page, just under the Cypher query language section, you can click on the green box containing POST /api/v1/query/cypher issue a Cypher query to expand out the interactive panel. Now, you can see more details about this endpoint as well as try it out interactively by clicking on the Try it out button, optionally editing the query, and then clicking on the Execute button.

This entire page is powered by a programmatically generated OpenAPI specification of our API (the raw version which is accessible at /docs/openapi.json). This specification can also be used by users to programmatically generate client programs that call the API in the correct expected manner, see this page for more details about that.